*Poetry and prose upon thee*

Valentine's Day~

No matter what we may face, the holidays are still there for us to rest our weary souls even if this one can be a bit stressful. In less than a week it will be that glorious celebration of love, Valentine's Day! I shall spare you the details of its origins, and get to my point.

I know we have quite a few couples on base, all of them young and many still confused. I also know that even those who know their significant other's tastes down to the last detail still have a difficult time making use of such knowledge. Thus, I will offer my advice on any issues regarding the holiday should anyone need it! I have looked into restaurants of every stripe and read reviews from various sources, looked at the selection to service to cost ratio of all major local flower shops, and inquired online on the perfect scenery for a pure and beautiful confession.

This offer extends to those who have yet to make their feelings known as well.

And now to see if I can avoid any painful misunderstandings this time.
Sorry. He's dead.


[Filtered to Chanda]
I apologize Chanda, as we have only just met and spent little time together... but I'll be leaving shortly. Duo Maxwell and a few others are forming a small band of heroes to travel the globe fighting injustice where it arises - mainly in the form of the organization OZ - and I have elected to join them. I realize that I have no practical combat experience, and the EDF will be largely inactive for some time, so I'd like to help out and learn more about battle in the process.

Do not fret, however, for whenever the Rakshasa appear again, I will be there to aid you no matter what!

Hello, EDF!

*A boy of twelve with an observant air about him is on base... somehow. In fact, he's already settled down to a computer to introduce himself.*

So, this is the EDF's main base. A bit utilitarian for my tastes, but such is the fate of a military installation I imagine.

Ah, I suppose I should introduce myself. I am Dhananjay Gajaren, 'pilot' of Veera Lakshmi, here to assist the avatar of Vishnu in slaying the foul Rakshasa. I may even be available to assist you with other ordeals should time and the gods permit. I look forward to making the acquaintance of the valiant men and lovely women in uniform.

Now, I believe that there's a young girl named Chanda here, correct? If you're reading this, I would like to meet with you in person. If not, I would greatly appreciate someone else on base pointing me in the right direction.
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